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I am writing this letter to address the gossipers and slanderers who no doubt ignorantly will further demonize me now that I have formally walked away from this high control group by my dissociation.

Already the indoctrinated non believing children of Jehovah’s witnesses, as well as active witnesses themselves, including my own family have branded me an apostate. I’m sure through these toxic teachings this demeaning label languishes even on my beloved son’s lips. Already, his mother and the few friends I called to say goodbye to were all very quick to immediately name call me because I stated that their so called faithful and discreet slave was wicked.

They emulated tight pants Toni Morris 3rd who was also quick to reference how “encouraging” it is that God will snuff out the lives of the wicked like a match. He beamed with pride that our father destroys enemy apostates. How he looked forward to seeing these enemies vanish like smoke where fire is suitable for eliminating this refuse. This form of destruction was fit for apostate maggots. True, not a pleasant site but such a fitting picture that Jehovah’s Witnesses and my son can look forward to. He said this must be so “assuring” for gods people that these despicable apostates are destroyed never ever to live again!

Finally, the despicable apostates will be out of the way. Toni Morris scoffed when he illustrated blowing out a match, sneering as he said smugly, “see they will vanish just like smoke”. The Bethel audience all laughed sadistically at the graphic point. This is what they teach my son. You must hate your despicable maggot father and take delight in his death because Jehovah God and Jesus Christ hate their enemies! Now please read what Mathew 5:43 – 45 says in relation to Leviticus 19:16-18. Does Gods word sound anything remotely similar to what the now removed governing body member Tony Morris the third has expressed. What does the helper, God’s Holy Spirit tell you?

Please know that this defamatory stigmatized label has no real bearing on my personal conviction and belief in Jesus Christ as mankind’s only savior. As a Christian, I endeavor and try to be a champion and ambassador of the Christ, yet I am being called an apostate and far worse, just because I refuse to accept that eight overweight TV evangelists in America are Jehovah God’s channel and sole spokesperson for all mankind! They actually arrogantly claim to be substitutes for Christ and Gods Holy Spirit.

I reject their doctrine for salvation. No understanding of God’s word exclusively comes from following self-appointed men who have falsely predicted the end 29 times and whose policies have destroyed countless people’s lives resulting in 9 million adherents shunning any dissident whose absolute allegiance and obedience does not lie with them.

Not only do they espouse that God will destroy 9 billion people because they never read a watchtower and awake but they preach that rejecting the teachings of these men is tantamount to rejecting Jesus Christ himself. All those that Jesus said he would be with until the end who choose Gods word, Gods Son and Gods Spirit over these 8 men are labelled diseased apostates, never to be looked at or spoken to ever again.

This high control group will forcibly shun and isolate their own children, family and close friends for years, even decades, left to wallow in their misery and mental anguish cut off and isolated from their loved ones because 8 men say that according to Hebrews 12:11 this discipline yields righteous fruits.

Really? So, why are there so many suicides and even murders linked to shunning? Could it be that the total social isolation that shunning causes is not something God mandates or approves of?

Does the Bible have anything to say about what happens when a person is isolated?

Proverbs 18:1 says, “whoever isolates himself pursues his own selfish desires; He rejects all practical wisdom.” (Proverbs 18:1 NWT)

If that is the case for someone who self-isolates, what happens to a person who is forced into isolation against his will or wishes? What effect does that have on an individual’s mental and emotional health?

Have you ever asked those souls who have experienced the degrading humiliation, loneliness and indignity of being avoided like a leper and treated worse than a dog? I walked past an elder, Adrian Gomez the other day and he couldn’t even look at me, the look of disgust and disappointment in his face. If I were a lame dog lying in the gutter, he would have bent over, come to its aid, stroked it and fed it.

I was told by an elder, David Willey, that I would even have to contemplate being shunned and isolated up until the day God destroyed this world. Nigel Sealy, another elder said I should have been shunned and isolated for much longer. He said maybe God’s spirit made a mistake by accepting me back too soon!

This group has more compassion for a dog than natural affection for a fellow human being.

2 Timothy 3:2,5 speaks of a time where people will have no natural affection, having an appearance of godly devotion but proving false to its power.

As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, you are not allowed to ask a shunned person, how do they feel about being cruelly affected by this man-made doctrine instituted in 1952? Of course not, how could you ask? You can’t look at or speak to person you consider lower than a dog who feasts on his own vomit!

I have been shunned on three occasions collectively for 9 years! As a previous witness of 35 years, that means for 26% of my time as a witness I was shunned, I had not been spoken to by a living sole. Keep in mind that I only associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses. To date my sister and brother in law, my only living family choose not to talk to me. Now labelled an apostate, this takes shunning to a whole new level. It’s not for the faint hearted or the kind hearted. The application of disdain, contempt, exclusion, avoidance and loathing towards defectors must be executed by the loyal with militant uncompromising obedience in allegiance to the "slave" who rules as their master..

In Romans 13:1-4, the worldly authorities, the governments of the world, are said to be “God’s minister to you for your good.” So, if the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses is doing good, it will have praise from the superior authorities, right? However, if Jehovah’s Witnesses are doing bad, then “God’s minister” is “an avenger to express wrath against the one practicing what is bad.

What is country after country saying about disfellowshipping and shunning all over the world. They are all saying it’s a universal violation of human rights. It violates freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of association, freedom to disagree and freedom to leave without being labelled a mentally diseased apostate.

In place after place, Witnesses’ policies are deemed by Gods minister as cruel and unusual punishment. Many even refer to them as cult-like. Jehovah’s witnesses are being judged as violators of basic human rights.

The practice of Jehovah’s Witnesses to totally shun someone who leaves the organization or who is judged a sinner has resulted in great personal tragedy, not only due to murders and suicides, but also because of the great psychological and emotional harm it causes.

This has brought widespread reproach on the organization and on the name of God which they proclaim.

This causes people of the world to view Jehovah’s Witnesses as heartless cultists, instead of loving Christians. So, instead of being judged as exemplary by the superior authorities, they are being scrutinized and punished.

Additionally, the one identifying mark of Jesus’ true disciples, not just those who claim to be followers of the Christ, but who fail to measure up, is a love patterned after the love he displayed. All, even non-Christians, should recognize this love, because it is limited to the true followers of the Lord.

Yet, this is not evident within the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses whose love is often regarded as very conditional. One must Implicitly obey the Governing Body and cowardly never disagree with their teachings or else face the social murder of never talking to your loved ones again!

As regards human rights, justice and Gods minister, this brings me to my next story.

That of fighting for my daughter Honey Bee to be in my life.

In the Warwick congregation a woman called Debbie started a study with a friend of mine Sarah and had this to say about me. Please keep in mind I had never spoken a word to this person in my life.

She said I was a bad father, a threat to children and families, a narcissist, a really poor choice as a perspective partner, a predator, a charlatan, a sheep dressed in wolves clothing and a coercive individual who has no genuine interest in someone’s spiritual welfare other than for my personal gain.

She said I was arrogant and dressed like a clown wearing pink scarfs, desperate to seek attention for myself as I defiantly sat amongst Jehovah’s witnesses in the kingdom hall as opposed to sitting in the back room like a dejected dog. She intimated that I brought Sarah to the meeting to gain social points and acceptance to promote my own selfish agenda. She criticized how I cared for Honey Bee and warned Sarah that she should not be involved with me as I was a poor choice as a romantic candidate. She said Sarah could do much better as I had a dubious history and broke up a loving family with kids and even the police were involved.

Prominent elders in Warwick congregation called me a homosexual. I was told by David Willey that he could not control what people thought of me and eluded to me that maybe given my personality I reaped what I had sown. I was even denied to attend any Zoom meetings during lockdown. Family heads in this congregation were said to be petrified that I would be a danger to their little children.

How on earth did I get to this point? Let’s go back 5 years.


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