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My journey to regain my freedom, find my place as a child of God and walk away from a high control group with no regrets and my faith in Jehovah God and his son Jesus Christ, still in tact!

Dear friends,

I think you all know me as a person who has always strived, despite my imperfections to only ever wanting to be and remain in the “truth”. It is in fact what I used to so desperately want for my son Ashton and my baby girl Honey Bee, to be lovers of truth and grow up to be a loyal servants of Jehovah God and his son, Jesus Christ.

It is my love of truth that moves me to write to you. (2 Thessalonians 2:10) (John 8:31,32)

I’ve always been so proud to think that I was in the truth. I was sentenced to 5 years in South Africa as a conscientious objector for the truth. I full time pioneered 7 years for the truth. I built quick build Kingdom halls 2 years for the truth. I served 2 years in Bethel for the truth.

This letter is an expression of reclaiming back my voice after 35 years in the "Truth" and I hope it will resonate with some as I walk away and say goodbye.

I want to share with you some serious concerns that have troubled me and caused me to research God’s Word and to “make sure of all things and hold fast to what is fine”

MY FIRST CONCERN: Why did the governing body recommend and endorse an experimental vaccine as safe and effective to 9 million brothers and sisters, treated as human lab rats with no justification?

From the outset, with no clue what was in this experimental mRNA gene therapy that was used for the first time in history on human beings, with no double blind testing, no informed consent, no investigation of alternative treatments, no freedom of choice, no due diligence and no respect for individual autonomy of one's own body, the governing body instantly jumped on the bandwagon to promote and adopt a medical treatment whilst assuring the flock of God, that this is safe because Jesus Christ would never allow his sheep to take a medical treatment that does more harm than good.

Why would a faithful and discreet slave do this and start now recommending medical products as part of their stewardship?

Why would they then write in a secret letter to all elders that NO person who wants to attend Pioneer Service School, the Kingdom Ministry School, the School for Congregation Elders or the School for Kingdom Evangelizers can attend unless they are fully vaccinated with the latest booster shots because the CDC, the FDA and WHO swears down that its safe. Incidentally the coordinator of the body of elders was also instructed to police this oversight so as to ensure that no one got through without what amounted to a theocratic vaccine passport check and tangible proof of an up-to-date vaccination status. No one could even attend via a video conference link as punishment for vaccination noncompliance.

This in effect means that if my healthy son started to pioneer at 15,16 then he must first take all the death shots before he can go to pioneer school. So, loyalty to Big Pharma, WHO, CDC, NIAID, NIH, FDA, UN, GAVI, John Hopkins, CEPI, Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation and faith in Anthony Fauci not GOD, has become the new spiritual prerequisite. This is the new theocratic norm from our Guardians Of Doctrine. The Shot before Sharing. The shot before serving.

Also, If elders dare be vocal about this issue then they have been warned to stop this immediately or be guilty of disrupting spiritual unity. There can be no freedom of speech even if you want to warn your grandmother.

We all know what the consequences for dissenters are. Removal as an elder or be disfellowshipped. Might should not prove right.

Since when did an experimental vaccination become a prerequisite for spiritual advancement.

Since when did allegiance to Anthony Fauci and worldly, greedy and unscrupulous businessmen replace guidance from Jehovah God through application of Bible principles and a well-trained Christian conscience?

What are the fruits that these worldly entities bare so that we may be discerning? Which industry paid 944 fines totaling over $56 Billion. The pharmaceutical industry!

Which company paid the biggest criminal fraud fine in US History of $2.3 billion. Pfizer!

Pfizer has openly admitted in a European Court of Law that the Covid “vaccine” does not stop transmission and does not stop infection at all. Their own leaked documents that they wanted the FDA to hide for 75 years show that it’s the vaccinated that are harmed and suffering serious adverse effects. The CDC website says the same thing. VAERS says the same thing. Insurance companies are recording the same thing. Massive, unexpected death and serious injuries are occurring in the double and triple vaccinated cohort. They are giving this death shot to healthy children like my teenage son. They now want to include the Covid 19 vaccine in the childhood vaccination schedule. Why? Because this insidious legal move will give them total immunity with no liability once they give it to children. My healthy 4-year-old daughter with a perfect immune system who is 100% guaranteed not at risk will now be next in line to take the jab!

Since when is the immune system that Jehovah God gave us rendered useless. Natural immunity was actually never factored into this entire experiment! The reason why they wanted everyone to be jabbed is because this will eliminate the unvaccinated cohort. It’s the unvaccinated that are living proof we don’t need this vaccine. It’s the unvaccinated conspiracy theorists who are living proof that natural immunity leads to herd immunity. It’s the unvaccinated who are not getting long covid! It’s the unvaccinated who are not dying from SIDS or this new phenomenon, SADS. (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) That’s why they need to eliminate this cohort. They are proof that Jehovah God’s handiwork is incredibly robust and durable. God’s immune system does not wane!

This Covid “vaccine” is destroying woman’s reproductive systems and boys’ gonads. My son could be infertile because 8 men from America with the voice of Jesus said its safe and effective! Don’t worry they said, it’s the unvaccinated who are dying. We ALL took it they reassured us, so its all good! Jesus would surely never allow 99% of full-time servants to be to be compromised, would he? They even prayed for the success of this miracle vaccine

from the podium in Kingdom Halls worldwide.

It actually sounded a bit like they were paid reps for Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca!

Why would the organization with a reputation of never getting involved in medical choices ban the unvaccinated from attending all Theocratic Schools yet allow the rank and file to congregate in crowds of hundreds and thousands at meetings and risk sitting right next to the unvaccinated? What is the difference?

Every doctor and nurse who administered this shot, or Midazolam or Remdesivir is blood guilty against humanity.

Every Elder or Circuit Overseer or COBE or governing body member who endorsed these shots are bloodguilty. This gene therapy actually transcribes RNA into DNA and forever changes our cellular structure! In Australia, already the good doctors and nurses that we tearfully clapped for are being held liable. This is going to go full circle.

The governing body are now cornered in a position where, when the next pandemic emerges like perhaps a “Marburg Virus”, and the next global vaccine with it’s own fake PCR test is mandated, they are going to have to jump back onto the global bandwagon and once again endorse the agenda of Big Pharma for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th and Nth time. Do they not know that the WHO, the UN, GAVI and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation want every human being on the planet to vaccinate from the cradle to the grave. Why has the Governing Body been so quick out of the blocks to show Satan's world how they are on board with them, without any discreet advice to the flock of God to be careful, prudent, and thorough like the Bereans, to make sure of all things and not be debilitated through fear. (Acts 17:10,11)

Really on reflection it can be said that the governing body was in perfect lockstep with the world, mainstream media and all the health and regulatory agencies so they could be viewed as a “trusted messenger” who effectively influenced 9 million people worldwide. Was this novel promotion of a medical intervention for financial and political gain or as a result of external pressure to demonstrate conformity and solidarity with the mainstream.

Why are Friends around the world suddenly being diagnosed with stage 4 cancers, neurological harms, strokes, infertility, menstrual dysfunction, auto-immune disorders, myocarditis and pericarditis being ignored, especially where before the life changing jab there was no previous medical history indicating these terrible harms. (Isaiah 1:15)

Who is going to take accountability for all those who have pushed this experimental injection, whether or not the push was done with good motive? After all, this experimental gene transfer injection was supposed to save granny!

Is the only reason the organization and governing body suffixed their encouragement with the words “personal choice” as a calculated ploy to negate legal liability? Will God’s sheep, like in 1975 be blamed for overreacting in not taking personal responsibility for a “suggestion” from a discreet slave when they know full well their every encouragement is viewed as good as gospel. Gospel straight from God’s mouth to their discreet glib lips.

Can something crooked be made straight. Can a leopard change its spots? Could the 21st century god of health and Big Pharma now suddenly be NO part of Satan’s world and just be naively trusted as the new saviour? (John 17:16)

MY SECOND CONCERN: Why was Watch Tower affiliated with the United Nations Organization for ten long years?

You can imagine my shock and horror when I learned from the web site of the United Nations that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (WBTS) of New York applied for and was granted association in partnership with the UN as an NGO, a non-governmental organization, for ten years from 1990 to 2001.

When they were exposed by the Guardian newspaper, they resigned 2 days later saying it was for library card access, nothing more! Its like saying to your wife when she caught you sneaking out of a brothel that you just popped in for the last 10 years to sample the free coffee and croissants on offer to guests, nothing more!

Further as a way of placating the Jehovah's Witnesses the officials at the Watchtower Society claimed that they were unaware of the requirements involved that happened to be in opposition to their doctrine!

Were the Watchtower Society officials telling the truth, or were they trying to cover up a major scandal of hypocrisy?

Well, to be a partner you have to actively live up to and demonstrate the NGO requirements put upon them by supporting and promoting the charter and its aims and objectives. This condition is not to passively observe but actively participate.

Non-governmental organizations serve in a general consultative status and when meetings and conferences are convened by the United Nations, participants are to be accredited for there active participation. No free rides or complimentary library cards here folks.

The Watchtower had to demonstrate their support in flavor of the UN. They were required to submit annual samples of their individual write- ups regarding United Nations activities.

The three people involved in representing the Watchtower Society as an NGO in association with the United Nations was

W. Barry as the vice president of the Watchtower Society, Ciro Aulicino as the main representative, and Robert Johnson as the alternative representative. These participants were not some local Joe blogs elders involved.

The following articles were carefully crafted and delivered over 10 years so that they would satisfy the officials at the DPI with the annual NGO requirements while at the same time stopping short of blatant contradiction to Jehovah's Witness doctrine. Some were hand delivered to the UN and the respective articles were recorded as such in the UN archives.

Importantly to non-Jehovah's Witnesses the articles would sound as though the writer had a favorable view towards the United Nations and its future! Without fail each year the WBTS met their annual NGO obligations.

Awake!: September 8, 1991, pp. 3-4, 8-10

Awake! December 8, 1992, p. 3-7

Awake! February 22, 1993, pp.4-6.

Awake! May 8, 1994, pp.4-8

Awake! July 22, 1995, pp.4-8

The Watchtower: Oct. 1, 1995, pp. 3-5.

Awake! Apr. 22, 1996, pp.4-7

Awake! Feb. 8, 1997, pp. 14-17

Awake! Nov.22, 1998, pp.3-11

Awake! December 22 1998, pp. 3-4

Awake! Jan. 8, 1999, pp. 13

Awake! May 22, 1999, pp.4-9

Awake! July 22, 1999, pp.3-4

Awake! Jan. 8, 2000, pp.20-21

Awake! Dec. 8, 2000, pp. 3-9

Awake! Jul. 22, 2001, pp.3-5

Why is the Watchtower involved with the image of the wild beast of Revelation? They dined with the whore Babylon the great the mother of all prostitutes and of the disgusting things of the earth when she was drunk with the blood of the holy ones and the blood of the witnesses of Jesus! (Revelation 18:1 - 24)

If I joined a political party or the UN, I’d be disfellowshipped, wouldn’t I? I don’t understand the double standards. One for the governing body and one for the expendable minions.

MY THIRD CONCERN: The Organization used their status as an NGO with the United Nations to enable them to knock on the door of the OSCE and become involved in dialogue with major world players, not just political, but religious as well for decades. Not years but decades!

OSCE stands for Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe under the United Nations Charter. From the information available, it is WTBTS's Political Lobbying Arm. From what is presented in this dissociation letter, I ask, who needs the UN when you have the OSCE?

In 1991, the WTBTS applied for and was granted NGO status with the United Nations of which status also allowed them direct access within the corridors of the OSCE, although full advantage of the arrangements offered by the OSCE for NGO's was not taken up by the WTBTS or by the Jehovah's Witnesses until Stephen Bates (Religious Affairs Correspondent for The Guardian UK newspaper) exposed the WTBTS as being an NGO member with the United Nations in two published articles on October 8 and 15, 2001.

The WTBTS withdrew their NGO status with the UN but maintained the same "foot in the door" and "political clout" by utilizing the OSCE with particular emphasis on being associated with all other religions through TANDIS which is the Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Information System.

The OSCE has regularly reported on the activities of Jehovah's Witnesses, since the WTBTS began NGO association with the UN in 1991.

The WTBTS has, since 2001 and the UN scandal, solely relied on their association with OSCE for the single purpose of lobbying sovereign States and policy makers within various state and government departments.

The presence of Jehovah's Witnesses, and in turn the WTBTS as NGO within the corridors of the OSCE, also allows them access to The Holy See (Vatican) who is a member State for the purpose of lobbying should the need ever arise.

The WTBTS and the Association of Jehovah's Witnesses have greatly increased their activities and presence within the OSCE since 2006.

Why are the WTBTS trying to lobby and influence policy and decision makers, including the USA, NATO, the European Union, and all 56 OSCE member States?

How can the Watchtower Society representatives claim that their political associations with OSCE and other government officials has anything to do with God's purposes? Would Jesus Christ be promoting OSCE goals, raising awareness of their work, adding to their ideas, monitoring their implementation, undertaking cooperative activities, engaging in conflict prevention and providing expertise in military aspects of security, political and economic affairs.

Does any of the above mentioned politically related agendas and terms even remotely describe "No Part of The World?" or "Avoiding All Political Involvement?"

Why is the Watchtower Society taking an active role in support of the OSCE?

Can anyone tell me how many times they think the name "Jesus Christ" would be discussed in the above political scenarios with scriptural references? Not even once! How can the Watchtower Society representatives claim that their political associations with OSCE, the UN and other government officials has anything to do with God's purposes?

Are these not the very entities Jehovah God and Jesus Christ are going to destroy at Armageddon!

Paradoxically the WBTS strongly vilifies other religions for participating alongside political affiliations, yet it appears that the WBTS too has been wooed by the 'power and influence' of associating with these organizations who either work side by side with the UN (as the OSCE admits) or are deep within the United Nations System.

Please Friends, go to the OSCE web site:

In the search box type in "Jehovah" or “Paul Gillies”, “Watchtower”, “General Council for Jehovah”, or “Christian Witnesses” and press enter. This will provide a list of over 250 related documents, press releases, and statements.

MY FOURTH CONCERN: The Organization's failure to report “known” sexual predators to the Superior Authorities. What really shocked me was a news story that talked about child sexual abuse in religions in Australia that included Jehovah’s Witnesses.

This was a government news story that included this link.

This link does not include a video but does include the official transcript of the proceedings including the sworn testimony of the elders and branch committee members, even Brother Geoffrey Jackson of the Governing Body.

Basically, these documents show that over 1,800 Witness children were abused for many years in that country. The branch office kept files on over 1,000 brothers who were molesting children, but never reported a single one of them to the police, and some of these pedophiles never stopped serving in the congregation. Why did the branch office keep their names secret from the authorities?

Romans 13:1-7 tells us to obey the superior authorities unless their orders conflict with God’s commandments. How does hiding the names of pedophiles from the superior authority’s conflict with Jehovah God’s commandments? I can’t see any reason why they would not protect our children.

Why is it not our responsibility to report rapists and sexual predators to the worldly authorities as a first point of call, because it is a crime not a sin?

Why would congregation elders call the police immediately of the crime that a kingdom Hall has been broken into, but not immediately call the police of the crime when a child is abused?

The governing body boast about and refusing to let go of the two-witness rule even though a lawyer pleaded with them in the recordings of the Royal Commission case to consider Deuteronomy 22:25-27 where there were no witnesses, and a careful judgement could still be made with justice being served. Geoffrey Jackson’s testimony as a “Guardian of Doctrine” was dismal and he actually lied about the stand on spanking children as well as refused to acknowledge when asked if he saw himself as Jehovah God’s “spokespeople on earth?”

The answer that came from Jackson’s lips was astounding!

He said, “I That I think would seem to be quite presumptuous to say that we are the only spokesperson that God is using!”

This is the same man who attended the last OCSE meeting and the same person who if any rank-and-file Jehovah’s Witness speaks out against or disagrees with you are immediately shunned and disfellowshipped.

One can challenge Almighty God and even cross examine and question him but do that with the “only spokesperson on earth” who have replaced Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, then God help you!

Why the misapplication of Mathew 18:15-21 that deals with sin that a brother commits against you or where he hurts you, that you approach him. This scripture has nothing to do with the sins you see a brother commit. Even my son could recognize from context that the sin committed here is about the sin and hurt against you.

Why does it take Satan's world and Satan's Judges and Satan's court to protect children? Why does worldly Satanic goats care more about children then petrified elders who are forced to comply to rules and interpretations that does not reflect Jesus Christ loving demeanor or Jehovah God’s care for the vulnerable?

Is this more about saving face and reputation and stubborn unreasonable pride. That is exactly what the entire court case looked like.

Why is the WBTS paying out millions of dollars secretly to settle a plethora of lawsuits for CSA outside of the courts with donated money?

Why will they never apologized for being wrong and admit having made massive mistakes against all the innocent who have been hurt?

Next, lets see what's coming next over the horizon in the Pennsylvania Grand Jury CSA criminal investigation where 9 JW’s have already been arrested.

Thousands of elders in every single congregation in 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania are now being given notice by the State Attorney’s Office to subpoena every serving congregation elder, one congregation at a time, to turn in every single CSA document in their possession for three decades going back from 1987 to 2019.

Every elder is now in Litigation Hold which means that all documents kept by congregations involving minors under 18 included in a judicial case must be handed over in their original form. No record can be destroyed, tampered with, removed, shredded or even unstapled.

The governing body and service desk no longer appoint elders, so now it’s the circuit overseers and the elders who will be thrown under the bus and be held liable and be responsible to answer for perpetrated sexual abuse.

And guess which lawyers are defending them all? The very same law firm that defended the Catholic Church!

MY FIFTH CONCERN: Where is the scriptural support for shunning someone who isn’t sinning?

The report I mentioned above provides the official transcript of the sworn testimony of young women who had been abused as children by Witness men. My heart broke. These poor girls, whose lives had been ruined, were now so angry for not being protected by the elders that they felt their only option was to leave their congregation. In some cases, the abusers were actually still serving as elders and ministerial servants in the congregation. Can you imagine being a young girl or woman and having to sit in the audience listening to your abuser giving a talk?

So, the problem is that when these victims wanted to leave the congregation, they were shunned and treated like sinners. Why do we shun people who haven’t sinned? That seems so wrong. Is there something in the Bible that tells us to do this? I can’t find it, and I’m really upset and confused about this. Children are disfellowshipped for their own sexual abuse by adults! Children under 16 can’t consent. It is rape!

The whole concept of disfellowshipping and shunning, I have come to discover is not biblical as it is implemented and executed by the WBTS. It is social murder and in every court case I have come across the governing body and their legal representatives blatantly lie as the web slowly closes around them. This lying is proudly referred to as Theocratic Warfare. It is disgusting.

Why were a 1000 repeat paedophiles protected and treated better, as evidenced from the Royal Commission, more so than God’s own sheep?

MY SIXTH CONCERN: Are we becoming like the money-loving Churches of Christendom?

I always took great pride in the belief that we were different from the churches of Christendom because we only give voluntary donations. Why do we now have to make monthly donations based on the number of publishers in our congregation?

Also, why has the Organization started to sell our Kingdom Halls that we built with our own hands, without even consulting us? And where does the money go?

Judge Rutherford was right on only one thing when he said religion is a snare and a racket.

Why are we also guilty of racketeering and appropriating funds and property of congregation members? Is this to negate all the lawsuits coming the WBTS’s way for CSA and cruel shunning that destroys peoples lives.

MY SEVENTH CONCERN: I can’t find the scriptural support for Overlapping Generation Doctrine.

The generation of 1914 has died off. There was no overlapping generation in the first century, but just a simple generation as we all define the term. But now, the publications talk of two generations of anointed ones—one that was alive in 1914 but is now gone, and a second that will be alive when Armageddon comes. These two distinct generations of people overlap, “based on their time of anointing” to quote Brother Splane, to form some sort of “super generation,” but please tell me where is the scriptural evidence for this? If there isn’t any, then how can we know it is true? It really bothers me that the Organization doesn’t use scriptures to prove this complicated doctrine. The only scripture the publications have used to try to support this new light is Exodus 1:6, but that clearly doesn’t refer to an overlapping generation, but just a simple generation like everyone understands a generation to be.

Why is the governing body determined to make Jesus Christ a liar?

Did he not say no one knows the day and hour yet WBTS insists that they know what the son of God does not.

Can you imagine Jesus asking his father on numerous occasions when the end would be coming, knowing that this is solely his father’s jurisdiction? Can you see Christ push ahead by working out a month, year or date of the end and then showing his father? (Acts 1:7)

Why does the governing body usurp Jehovah God and predict the end to the month and year when Jesus told all of us that the end will come at a time we do not expect and that it does not belong to us to know the time of the end? (Luke 12:40)

Did our lord Jesus Christ not warn us in all 4 gospels that we must not be misled by those who say they are he and then predict that the due time is here. He said DO NOT GO AFTER THEM. (Luke 21:8)

Yet these men have stubbornly been determined to prove Jesus wrong in 1874, 1914, 1925 and 1975.

They are still pointing to composite signs to determine the end!

Why persist and persist and persist with this narrative?

MY EIGHTH CONCERN: The house-to-house ministry.

Nowhere does it say we must knock on doors of strangers or that knocking on doors will we earn salvation.

Paul simply stated in Acts 20:20 that he never shrank from telling what you needed to hear, either publicly or in your homes (house to house). NLT and GNT and NAB and WNT.

First century Christians met in each others homes!

That’s it, no secret. Paul visited them in their homes.

He did not go knocking door to door.

MY NINTH CONCERN: Blood transfusions.

Keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols, from blood, from what is strangled (Acts 15:29)

Again, very simple. This was a temporary injunction for gentiles to be mindful that the Jews were sensitive about eating animal blood as they viewed blood as sacred.

That’s it, no secret.

This had nothing to do with human blood or some future application 2000 years later.

To draw a comparison or analogy where abstaining from alcohol is similar to abstaining from human blood is ludicrous.

Human blood is not a nutrient. It has been considered with being synonymous with an organ.

The body is not fed by a blood transplant or a fraction of whole blood.

Why are fractions of whole blood acceptable? Why is it acceptable to welcome small fractions with open arms knowing that it actually come from Satan's world who have to donate thousands of litres of stored blood just to produce a small life saving fraction? Whole stored blood is sneered at but its derived parts are conveniently allowed.

Why is this hypocrisy ok? You are forbidden to eat a whole BLT sandwich but if you consume the bread and bacon, lettuce, tomato, and bread separately then that’s ok because technically even if you ate all the separate constituent parts, well you never really ate the whole BLT sandwich.

Why has something so simple become a massive issue. Is this because Fred Franz wanted to incite persecution and opposition for the early Jehovah’s Witnesses to create a climate that forced witnesses to consolidate and fight harder for their faith under the flag of persecution.

Why has saving a whole life not become more important than Geoffrey Jackson’s doctrine of haggling about bits and parts of blood fractions? What ever happened to the Christian conscience?

Again, like those who commit suicide from being shunned and those children whose lives are destroyed by Elders and Ministerial Servants who sexually abuse them and those who die rather than take a blood transfusion, these lives don’t really matter to the governing body do they? They are just collateral damage. A small sacrifice to pay for the larger organizational paradisiacal picture.

All that matters is to follow these men obediently and submissively lay your life down for them and agree to never question them because no one can EVER come to an accurate knowledge of the truth based on Gods word alone, directed by Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ, the head of the congregation.

When Jesus said he would be with all Christians until the conclusion of system of things, that was another lie wasn’t it.

The whole world had to wait for Russel and Rutherford and company before anyone could understand any truth for almost 2 centuries thus again proving Jesus a liar. We all had to wait for a thing called a governing body made up of Toni Morris and his seven colleagues where eventually in the theocratic organigram they completely replace Jesus Christ and the Helper which has become helpless, and can now no longer help anyone gain Bible understanding. Rutherford said he doesn’t need the Holy Spirit because he has angels instead. All you need is a Watchtower and an Awake. 2000 years later all we need is a WiFi connection and (Galatians 1:8)

Why are the governing body becoming more and more like the pharisees, splitting issues and laws and rules into minute fractions that border on hypocrisy which result in heavy loads that we the sheep must carry? Did Jesus not say his load is refreshing and light? (Mathew 11:30)

MY TENTH CONCERN: Who are the Other Sheep?

I’ve always believed that I’m one of the other sheep of John 10:16. I understand this to mean that:

1. I am a friend of God.

2. I am not a child of God.

3. Jesus is not my mediator.

4. I’m not in the new covenant.

5. I’m not anointed.

6. I can’t partake of the emblems.

7. I’ll still be imperfect when I’m resurrected.

I never thought to question any of this because the publications convinced me it was all Bible based. When I actually started to look for the scriptural support for this, I couldn’t find any. What really bothers me is that this is my salvation hope. If I can’t find support for it in Scripture, how can I be sure it is true?

John tells us that anyone who puts faith in Jesus can be adopted as a child of God.

“However, to all who did receive him, he gave authority to become God’s children, because they were exercising faith in his name. And they were born, not from blood or from a fleshly will or from man’s will, but from God.” (John 1:12, 13)

“One body there is, and one spirit, just as you were called to one hope of your calling.” (Ephesians 4:4)

The story is simple really.

What did Adam and Eve really lose. Was it the location that was of real importance, the paradise lost to paradise gained?

No, it wasn’t. They lost their standing as children of God to communicate with their father directly.

Jehovah God foreordained through his seed, Jesus Christ that all mankind would again be restored again as children of God.

They would regain what was really lost. Location, location, location is irrelevant.

Faith in a restored intimate unrestricted direct relationship with our creator and father as children of God is our hope.

This is the inheritance that every child wants and deserves, to love and be loved by their heavenly father.


I have carefully examined the Bible using the publications and the notes I took and the more I revisit so called truths the more I can’t find the scriptural support for any of the things that concern me as I’ve explained in this disassociation letter.

I no longer want to be any part of this organization that legally binds you to a contract via your sacred baptism that has been polluted to ensure total compliance and allegiance to 8 men and an organization (that granted is as impressive as the temple) which lauds it over the sheep and burdens them with new light after old light and type after antitype and punishment for the slightest disobedience to forcing absolute blind obedience to 8 men above Jehovah God, with little regard for Jesus Christ.

Adding the name Jehovah 237 times to the last 27 books of the Christian Greek scriptures is not adding but rather taking away from what belongs to the Christ. (Proverbs 30:6)

Every person who I love and said goodbye to all said the exact same thing. You’re going against the organization and the governing body. This makes you an apostate. This is what they will say to my son.

I’m going nowhere. I have never left. (John 6:68)

To be clear I am against this made-up entity called a governing body which is proving itself to be a wicked slave. (Mathew 24:45 - 51)

I told my son; I am no longer a Jehovah’s witness. I am to be called a Christian. A follower of Jesus Christ!

It’s simple. It’s not complicated. I’m going back to my roots.

Back to an exegetical study of Gods word the Bible.

Respectfully, whose name is referred to as an identifier for salvation in Romans 10:13 and Acts 4:12?

A name that Jehovah God declared where salvation is found in no one else but one. For there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.

No, its not the governing body and no its not Jehovah God, its actually in the name of…………….. Jesus Christ.

So the best I can ever be is to be identified as a Christian, one who points people not to JW.Org or the new eight rock star TV evangelists but my one leader and teacher and saviour, Jesus Christ!

With warm Christian love.

P.S My next step is to request under the Freedom of Information act and GDPR, every single piece of data you have all collected on me over the last 35 years. This letter will be going to Tony Morris lll, his 7 colleagues, Britain and South African Bethel.


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