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Dear Leamington Spa and Warwick Elders

I wanted to thank you for your letter that has set me free. You have finally confirmed to me how ignorant you are as an elder body.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves as elders.

None of you uphold Jehovah God’s admonition to respect the superior authorities or their judgment.

What is clear is your devoted worship of 8 men who not only presumptuously act as substitutes of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ but what is of more concern is that you actually believe these 8 wicked men are the voice of Christ.

They are not discreet nor faithful to God’s word.

Their hate speech of others and denigration of human beings to goats and fodder, ther to be extinguished like a candle wick is disgusting.

Your belief in shunning and disfellowshipping where you socially murder children from their parents and parents from their children is despicable and wicked, just like the actions of your forefathers.

These man-made rules have not originated with Jehovah God and they are actions that have not come into his heart. Yet all of you will gladly sacrifice your children, family and even your own spouse to your man made Mo’lech gods. Keep in mind the words of the Galatians that if 8 men or angels declared a gospel other than what was first declared to true Christians, they are to be accursed.

Consider the so-called bedrock that this faith is built on.

  1. The delusional Russel, a book peddler, pyramidologist and seller of miracle wheat who borrowed his false teachings and dates like 1874 from the Millerites!

  2. Rutherford, the womaniser and drunkard with his false 1925 dates, construction of Beth Serim and sale of war bonds!

  3. Homophobic Knorr, who instituted no blood transfusions, shunning, exploitation of adherents to literal slave labour at Bethel for 73 cents a day!

  4. Freddy Franz the orchestrator of the false date of 1975. This from a man who only took 15 hours of Latin whilst claiming to be a scholar of Hebrew and Greek. Under his rule, paedophiles and homosexuals infiltrated the Governing Body and were allowed to leave but were never disfellowshipped!

  5. Geoffrey Jackson, caught out as a liar in the Royal Australian commission. Admitting that it would be presumptuous to say God is using them as the only channel and governing body today!

  6. Tony Morris, caught buying bottles of expensive whiskey and now removed from Bethel. Being a former Circuit overseer in Pennsylvania it remains to be seen if he was complicit in the CSA investigation.

Just listen to the history of the first 4 presidents and its foundation. Rotten to the core.

Listen to the basis of their teachings steeped in pyramidology, numerology and spiritism. It’s rotten to the core.

Jehovah God made man in his image. These men have created followers in their image, just like themselves.

Mean, hateful, jealous, vengeful and dishonest.

All of the teachings of Jehovah’s witnesses can be traced to the 1800’s. Of course, if God has always had an organisation on earth then who was his organisation in the 1700’s? The Millerites and the Adventists, that's who!

Both were false prophets, just like this false invented Governing Body and Faithfull and Discreet Slave class.

None of these entities or their false teachings can be traced back to the Christ.

They are all teachings declared 1800 years after Christ and therefore should be rejected as good news, other than what had been declared by God and his son.

You are all guilty of spiritual murder by promoting the teachings of these corrupt men as gospel. You are exactly like the pharisees and you do not know or understand what it means to live by and be guided under the law of Christ, the law of Love.

David Willey, Nigel Sealy, Andy Dancer, Barry Swift, Martin Hall, John Montgomery, Adrian Gough, Andy Meggit, Paul Meggit, Tim Dix, Adrian Gomez, Alex Clemons and Ethan Davy; you are all put on notice as blood guilty for the innocent lives of Gods children.

Your refusal to accept the courts judgment written to you personally by Judge Walker where every Jehovah’s Witness who stepped into court was found guilty of being malicious liars with the sole intent of portraying me as a sexual deviant is being noted in heaven.

Your arrogant haughty determination to write me and formally say “I am to be considered a child abuser” despite a 68 point court judgement which found me innocent of every vile and disgusting allegation raised by Jehovah’s witnesses is massing clear up to heaven and God will call your acts of injustice and character murder to mind.

The judgment is already starting to unfold.

  1. Your beloved organisation is losing hundreds of millions in outside court child sex abuse settlements with your precious Kingdom funds.

  2. There are -58 and -24 percent decreases of baptism and bible studies compared to pre Covid 19, especially in first world countries.

  3. Young people are not stepping up to become elders. They can see through the ruse.

  4. These 8 men are selling your kingdom halls and begging for monthly financial commitment tithes just like Christendom.

  5. Worldwide you are losing court hearings as the world hold your masters responsible for inhumane shunning.

  6. The end still has not and will not come even if you triple count the generation false teaching. No one dare explain the overlapping generation!

  7. The revered 1914 belief is hanging on a thread. Not even the Governing Body believe it any more.

  8. The internet and so-called apostates are making your entire hidden history open and transparent for young people to examine and you are terrified.

  9. Your door to door ministry is dead. The cart work is dead.

  10. You will all still be held liable for all the Covid 19 vaccine injuries and deaths when your masters coerced 9 million sheep to accept as if from Jesus Christ himself.

  11. Your house is divided.

  12. Fear, guilt and obligation will not last to forever control the rank and file Jehovah’s Witness.

  13. Your love is limited and always conditional!

The true God of the bible and his son will repay you all, the way you have treated myself and Gregg Alvarez and Karin de la tour and Ashton de la Tour and Honey Bee Page de la Tour and all others subject to your hate speech and hate acts.

Yes, please, tell Nigel Sealy that I would still rather burn in hell than ever become a thing called an elder who mistreats the least of God's sheep.

John, Martin, Alex and Carl, please don’t throw your life away following these 8 men who seek glory for themselves in place of Christ and who set themselves up as a queen who reckon they will never see mourning and death. When the time comes you will all be sold out as scapegoats as these 8 men distance themselves further and further from liability.

God says they will dominate you to your detriment.

God who is strong will judge this organisation. God will pronounce his judgment of this wicked slave and all those who bow down to them as their master even on my behalf!

Yes John, remember when you said time will tell, the truth about the truth will come out and justice will be done.

Well the truth did come out. 50 nominated professionals and 15 law enforcement agencies exonerated me as unequivocally innocent. Yet None of these malicious lying slanders were dealt with. None of these elders have ever recognised the court judgements. None of the brothers and sisters who followed these men or had any kind words for me other than that I am an abuser, homosexual, rapist and paedophile were spiritually adjusted for malicious slander or unchristian hate speech. None of the Britain and Warwick Bethel representatives held these perjurers accountable.

Therefore, you are all responsible for my death in labelling me a mentally diseased apostate.

My blood and the blood of my children will be found on all your blood-stained hands.

I pray for you all, that you repent and turn around by removing yourself from this high control group led by men, because they teach the commands of 8 men as doctrine.

What commands?

Their command to shun. Their command to die for them. Their command to lie in theocratic warfare. Their command to believe in false end dates. Their command to gain life through works. Their command to reject Christ and Gods Holy Spirit.

Their command to place a Watchtower and Awake above the Bible for true understanding. Their command to worship 8 self-appointed men. Their command to take a Covid 19 experimental death shot. Their command to hate. Their command to judge. Their command to condemn. Their command to only read a translation that entirely advocates their doctrine. Their command to accept the 237 additions of Jehovah Gods name in the New Testament thereby distracting from Gods purpose to call on the only name for salvation, Jesus Christ. Their command to accept new light and direction even if it doesn't make sense. Their command to trust and follow blindly. Their command to never question their authority. Their command to remain uneducated and ignorant. Their command to be subservient and reliant. Their command to acquiesce your autonomy and God given conscience. Their command to forgive and most importantly forget all their errors of judgement and ever-changing teachings that destroyed countless lives.

You elders have let go the commandments of God and you insist on skilfully clinging on to the false tradition and teachings of these men started 1800 years after Christ!

When you encourage a son and daughter to dishonour and disrespect their father by continuing to spread malicious lies about their father, then your brazen haughty conduct will render your worship in vain.

It is so sad brothers. You imagine you are honouring God but your hearts are far removed from him as it is far removed from me.

Galatians 1: 8 -12

8. But even if 8 men or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel contrary, to the one preached to you, let them be under a curse!

9. As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let them be under a curse!

Ask yourselves as obedient elders and devout followers?

10. Are you still seeking the approval of men, or of God? Or are you striving to please men? If you are still trying to please men, you could not be a servant of Christ.

11. For I certify to you, brothers, that the gospel Paul preached was not devised by 8 men.

12. Paul did not receive it from any man, nor was he taught it by men; rather, he received it by revelation from Jesus Christ!

Please know that the reason I want to have every remnant of my name removed from you is because I heard a voice from heaven say “Get out of her Gavin my son, if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues. For her sins have massed clear up to heaven and God has called her acts of injustice to mind!

I will repay her in the way she treated you, yes, I will pay this organisation back double for the things they have done to you and your family. I, Jehovah God, who judged her, is strong!”

May the true God and his Son be with you all.

Warm Christian Love

Gavin, Honey and Ashton de la Tour.


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