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My story of an innocent father where two entire communities of Jehovah’s witnesses under the guidance of the Warwick USA headquarters were supported by two bodies of elder’s in an endeavor to destroy me!

 I was part of the biggest investigation in the West Midlands by the CID. Interpol, Brussels and the South Africa government were involved.

This case involved 50 professionals and 15 organisations who were spurred on by people who I thought loved me. These people all conspired to send me to prison for life so that I would never lay eyes on my daughter again!

 I only held my daughter in my arms for the first time after 666 days. Her name is Honey Bee.

 40 Jehovah's Witnesses were involved. 18 are included in a pending lawsuit for slander and libel.

This is my true story in fighting for Honey Bee! 


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I'm just a dad, trying to be a good father and a person my children can look up to and respect for spiritual guidance in this thing called life.


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