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Dear Judge Walker, please accept my appeal to you for justice.

I hope you are well.


Your honor, just to let you know, Honey Bee is wonderful and we have an amazing deep loving thriving relationship, thanks to your prudent wise judgement.


Your honor, I am really ashamed and embarrassed to say, your personal letter written to the Warwick and Leamington Spa elders was totally ignored and deemed irrelevant. Your findings were disrespectfully received with contempt as of no worth exonerating me as innocent of all allegations of Rape and Child abuse.


It was as I feared. Because the Jehovah’s witness elders view your court as part of a satanic corrupted system devoid of their God Jehovah’s approval and only worthy of destruction, they arrogantly ignored your court’s findings.


Your 28 years’ experience could never compete with their in house elevated righteous judgment on these matters. That is why, like the Australian Royal Commission it was evidenced in court that of the 1006 known Child Sex Abusers reported to the elders not ONE of these individuals was reported to the police or authorities. Every single case of child abuse however was reported to the New York headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses where the elders were advised to deal with this “sin” in-house. The elders are encouraged to adopt a view that their spiritual credentials provided from the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization elevate them above the courts of law. Elders are instructed to first call the legal department in Brooklyn New York headquarters to report cases of CSA, not the authorities. Paradoxically if a local Kingdom Hall is broken into, they are then instructed to immediately call the authorities first.


Your honor, you will recall in my 7-day fact finding hearing where I put it forward to the elder’s numerous times that if they at any point considered me to be a child abuser, I strongly urged them to call the authorities as a first point of call. Why? Because any allegation of CSA is a crime that must be reported to the authorities.


At no point did they raise any issue of abuse with the Police or Children’s services. This in spite of an elder, Nigel Sealy having had an informal conversation with me asking if it was true that I boasted about abusing young boys in South Africa. This allegation was set against the backdrop of elders from my previous congregation in Northallerton without my knowledge having sent a letter of referral to the Leamington Spa congregation informing them to be aware that I had a reputation for having a sexual predilection toward “young girls.”


I was never made aware of this secret letter passed on to all the congregations I attended after my move from Northallerton congregation.


This is the caustic clandestine underhanded environment I found myself in your honour. 


Families who I loved and thought that they loved me, in the background, unbeknownst to me, were being fed confidential information on the low down about me by elders to their wives about how I was always hanging around young girls like a sexual predator and so families had to be acutely aware and cautious of me in my presence.


As it transpired your esteemed court established that all Jehovah’s witnesses summoned to your court were found guilty of being malicious liars with the sole purpose of portraying me as a sexual deviant so as to alienate me from my community.


This is exactly what I have now discovered, that many members in my community have perpetuated the same malicious lies in 4 congregations under the guidance of their elders. Prominent elders in Warwick congregation have even gone so far as to label me homosexual and bisexual.


Your honor, providentially during Covid 19 lockdown, it came to my attention that the 8 leaders referred to as the “Governing Body” of this organization took it upon themselves to “encourage” 9 million adherents to take the Covid 19 mRNA gene therapy ‘vaccine’ and they actively discouraged all elders from voicing any dissent upon the threat of being excommunicated and shunned if they were determined to be outspoken. Everyone was to comply and dissenters who spoke out against this mandate was to immediately cease doing so publicly. I was shocked to the core. This junction was my awakening. It lifted the FOG. I gave myself permission to examine how all my life I was manipulated through Fear, Obligation and Guilt.


What shook me was that the Governing Body, none of whom were medical professionals were now mandating what medical options to take under the guise that this is what Jesus Christ would want and that he is fully supporting this ‘vaccine’ adoption drive from heaven. In the same way they had mandated untrained elders, many of whom are window cleaners and unskilled labourers on how to judicate and make a determination on every case of Child Sex Abuse. This crime, handled as a sin, was to be investigated internally.


Untrained elders as regards really critical aspects of life are encouraged to be the final arbitrators in matters of health, domestic abuse, marital problems, parenting, discipline, addiction, behaviour, finance, vocation, leisure , mental health, information, entertainment, thought, relaxation, intimate details of sex life, dress, friendships , higher education, sexuality, relationships, employment, conscience, freedom of speech and crucially,  Child Sex Abuse. 


Their view is that Jehovah’s Witness superior Theocratic rules always overrides, supersedes and takes precedence over any inferior Worldly Satanic organization which is considered to be controlled under the influence of Satan.


Andy this your honor, is why they have displayed such contempt for your court and contempt for the CID and contempt for Social Services because you are all considered to be mere agents of Satan and any judgements brought against the Jehovah’s Witnesses hierarchy will always be considered inferior and flawed with scope to casually ignore.


Emmalene wrote to me and said that the local Jehovah’s witnesses in spite of you writing to them believed that I manipulated you to exonerate me as innocent of all charges because of your biased hatred for Jehovah’s witnesses! No mention was made I’m sure of how you painstakingly went to great lengths to set up a routine for both parents centred around our then faith and commitments as Jehovah’s Witnesses.      


Your honor, I have after 40 years disassociated myself from this High Control Group and I thank God for that!


What this means for me now is that elders and adherents call me an apostate directly to my face. The governing body of Jehovah’s witnesses teach their adherents that apostates are despicable mentally diseased walking corpses not even fit for the maggots. 


People who I have known for years will not even make eye contact with me. This goes well beyond shunning. I am now to be viewed as an enemy of God not even worthy of a burial. If I die tomorrow no Jehovah’s witness would even attend my funeral. My sister and brother in law will never communicate with me again. It has been said to evaluate a religion ask not how you are treated when you join but ask how are you treated when you leave.


The moment my son gets baptized he will in effect sign a verbal agreement that will legally bind him to the organization and he will then be obligated to shun me. If he does not follow direction despite being a minor he will be chastised and disciplined for not taking direction from the elders under the guidance of the governing body. His own mother will then be required to shun him because socially isolating and cutting off a member from one's family for life is considered a loving thing to do. Many ex Jehovah’s Witnesses have committed suicide as victims of this "loving" arrangement!


Your honor, in May 2023 I requested all my private data from Leamington Spa congregation through the freedom of information and GDPR arrangement because I wanted nothing to do with this organisation. I was also keen to understand what personal information about me had been shared across the organisation, given the heinous allegations.  


I have attached a letter the Leamington Spa congregation sent back to me in response.


It stated that all my information could not be returned to me for the “protection” of the congregation. It stated that I was still to be considered a child abuser!


This in spite of 4 years investigation by 50 professionals, 15 separate organizations, Interpol, The South African government, The CID, Children’s Services, the Children’s Court judgement and your personal letter written as a courtesy to the elders, they still obtusely refuse to accept or acknowledge my innocence!


Your honor, the Leamington Spa elders even went around and strong-armed others saying they must sign a document confirming that I am a child abuser even after the known facts of my innocence was communicated to them.


These statements sent to me in writing and communicated orally to congregation members and elders were made public with malicious intent. 


The elders had received your personal letter and they knew the specifics of your court judgment in my favour yet they still behaved recklessly and duplicately with the courts findings so as to destroy me by deliberately communicating to others that every finding of my innocence was untrue, not to be trusted or relied upon as binding and so they pushed ahead to sign a document anyway that I was a child abuser.        


Your honor, I reported this malicious slander to the CID as a hate speech and hate action crime but they advised me to sue the elders in a civil court.


I intend to sue all the elders involved including members of the congregation for libel, slander and defamation.


Jehovah’s witnesses preach from door to door that they honour the secular and governmental authorities. They preach that the governing authorities, like the courts are instituted and appointed by God and that those who resist will incur judgement. They teach publicly that we are to fear and respect the authorities as Gods servant. That we are to be in subjection to them and respect those to whom respect is owed and to honour those to whom honour is owed.  


These elders and congregation members have demonstrated total disregard and a gross lack of respect for you as an honourable judge. 


They have disrespected your judgement and trampled on your good will and character as a person by minimizing your tactful pragmatic kind gesture of appealing to them to consider the truthful facts uncovered in your court as trivial.


Your honor, just recently a respected regular pioneer or full-time preacher (Debbie Doyle) as a member of the Warwick congregation started a bible study with a close female friend of mine. She quickly went on to warn Sarah not to associate with me, that I was a danger to families and children, that the police were involved with me, that I was a poor parent, that I break up homes and that I was arrogant and self-obsessed. I had never personally spoken to this woman.


This is the spin off from false statements, gossip and slander represented as facts that has injured my reputation and damaged my character for life. 


The intent is crystal clear. The defamation has been made with gross negligence. 


I am still, to date, 5 years later being represented throughout my community as a rapist and a paedophile! 


The elders have gone so far as to put that to me in writing that on behalf of the Leamington Spa congregation I am to be considered a child abuser!


I am suing those involved for £66,600 for slander, libel and defamation. That equates to £1000 a day for every day these malicious liars kept me from my Honey Bee. I did not lay eyes on my daughter and hold her in my arms for 666 days due to the plethora of false allegations raised against me.


This religion and these elders and lying members have caused me untold suffering and damage to my reputation as well as personal shame, anxiety and humiliation. I suffered from PTSD for 4 years every time the doorbell rang or I received a phone call from a withheld number.


Please your Honor, if you have anything to say that will assist me in clawing my way back for justice, then Honey Bee, Ashton and I would love to hear from you.


Kind and warm Regards

Gavin de la tour


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